Provide Personalized Service

Every association and board is unique – there is no “one-size fits all” solution. Our experienced team invest the time and energy necessary to truly understand the needs of your community and board. This personalized attention has proven successful.


 Align our goals with our Clients

The goals and priorities of your community are unique. When we help your board achieve their goals, our success follows. We provide information and guidance based on how to best serve the goals of your community, not the bottom-line of our property management company. Unlike other large property management companies, we do not steer projects to subsidiaries who may not be best suited or best priced for the job. Our unbiased approach keeps our goals aligned with yours.



Empower our Employees

Your association deserves a team of people that are self-motivated, not one that needs to be micro-managed. These are the kind of people we hire and develop. Our employees understand that their jobs are to help your association achieve its goals. Our experience and work load means that our employees are capable of solving the vast majority of the problems on-the-spot, which will prove more effective for your community.


Be Responsive and Reliable in Time of Need

When problems arise, you need a responsive manager with access to resources that can address the problem immediately. 4Seasons International Management prides itself in being there for our clients in their times of need. Whether it’s fixing a leaking roof, dealing with a delinquent homeowner, hiring a contractor, or resolving violations. Our size and longevity has provided us the experience to handle any situation.


Build Trusting Relationships

Your home is often your most valuable asset. You should trust your property management company to act in your best interest to protect your home and the homes of your neighbors. We earn the trust of our clients from our actions. Our clients don’t stay with 4Seasons International Management  because of a contract, they stay with Four Seasons International Management  because they trust us to do the right thing for their community.


Maintain a Long-term view

If you value your home as a long-term investment, then you probably want to work with someone that also has a long-term interest in your community. 4Seasons International Management  has more than 60 clients with 20+ years tenure. Our actions are not driven by quarterly profits or annual goals, but by doing what is needed, to provide quality services and protect the long-term value of your community.


Maintain the Respect of Everyone We Deal With

You want to be treated fairly by all the professionals, vendors and contractors you encounter, they want to be treated fairly as well. We have worked hard over the past 20+ years to build respectful relationships with our employees and everyone we have done business with. For this reason, over 95%  of our new business comes from referrals and word of mouth. People refer  4Seasons International Management  because they respect the work we have done with our clients.


No Hidden or Extra Charges

4Seasons International Management  does not believe in charging for extras. Our clients are only responsible for out-of-pocket expenses such as postage and printing. We do NOT charge for such additional expenses as faxes, long-distance calls, emergency calls, or extra mailings.



Maintain a Strict Code of Ethics

Over the past 20 years, 4Seasons International Management   has developed an unparalleled reputation in the New York property management business for honesty, integrity and ethical treatment of our customers. A strong ethical code is something that has been ingrained in the 4Seasons International Management  culture.


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